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JT SZk(B) 110 Cells | JT SIk(B) 120 cells | JT SLk(B) 132 Cells | Jeniüs N-HJT

Dual-glass Monocrystalline Solar Module

120 Cells / MBB / HJT / 1500V DC / 23.0% Maximum Efficiency


Excellent power generation performance

Advanced technology, maximum efficiency 23.0%

Bifacial cell, additional 5%-30% more yield


Leading HJT Technology

A fusion of N-type wafer-based solar cell technology and thin-film PV

High-efficiency cell structure and special anti-reflective glass increase higher power output


Excellent low light performance

Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings

Lower thermal coefficients and power loss under high temperature


Stable mechanical properties

Certified to withstand the most challenging environment

5400 Pa snow load • 2400 Pa wind load


Industry leading warranty

Anti-LID & PID, high reliability and longer lifetime

30 years linear performance warranty<12%

Jeniüs N-HJT | JT SIk(B) 625-640W

  • Cell 120 [2 x (10 x 6)]

    Module Dimension

    2172×1303×35 mm
    Module Weight

    35.3 kg(77.8 lb)


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