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JT SZk(B) 110 cells | JT SIk(B) 120 cells | JT SLk(B) 132 cells | Jeniüs Ⅳ Bifacial

High efficiency Mono PERC Bifacial cells , with proven Dual-galss tech, increase system generating capacity. Up to 25% more yield from rear side in different cases.



Bifacial dual glass design, maximum 80% bifaciality, additional 25% more yield from rear side

Bifacial Cells 210 x 105mm


MBB Mono PERC bifacial cells, with round solder strip, enhance power generation efficiency

Glass 2 mm


High strength and transparency coated tempered glass

Frame 35 mm


Ultra-strong anodized aluminum alloy frame, high mechanical load

Junction Box IP68


High waterproof and dustproof level, higher security

Cable 4.0 mm2

​​​​​​​Special PV cable with high transmission performance, lower power loss

Jeniüs Ⅳ Bifacial | JT SIk(B) 580W-600W

  • Cell 120 [2x(10x6)]

    Module Dimension

    2172×1303×35 mm
    Module Weight

    35.3 kg


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