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Jetion Solar Strongly Bounce Back in European Market

At the Intersolar Europe 2019 just weeks ago, Jetion Solar showcased its latest product “JeThrü”- one of the world's thinnest double-glass PV module, which attracted numerous medias and audiences' attention. Meanwhile, the exhibition also means Jetion Solar’s strong bounce back in the European market.

It is reported that as early as in 2004, after the establishment of Jetion Solar, Europe has been the most important overseas market of Jetion Solar. The first-mover advantage has made Jetion Solar a very wide reputation in Europe. At that time, the European market accounted more than 80% of the global market, and Jetion Solar had once taken as much as close to 8% of the European market. It is known that this has a great causal relationship with Jetion Solar firmly took root in Europe at the time. As early as 2007, Jetion Solar has established the European headquarters in Liechtenstein and the European Sales & Marketing Center in Frankfurt, Germany. In the same year, Jetion Solar was successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM, which brought a rapid development opportunity to Jetion Solar. During the period of 2008-2011, the annual compound growth rate of the sales of PV modules in the European market exceeded 100%. Therefore, Jetion Solar was awarded “Top 50 Chinese High-tech High-growth Enterprises” by Deloitte for three consecutive years. And thus, Jetion Solar was widely recognized by European commercial banks as a reliable and bankable PV module brand.

In 2012, the EU launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy lawsuits against Chinese PV products. At this point, this incident has seriously delayed the EU's renewable energy reform process. The annual installed capacity has almost reduced by 50%. In 2013-2018, the annual installed capacity has been between 8 GW to 11 GW. At the same time, China's published renewable energy policy in 2012, and has quickly replaced European market and became the world's largest PV market. In the meantime, Jetion Solar also adjusted its marketing strategy accordingly, and the domestic market gradually became its largest market. At the same time, however, Jetion Solar has still kept tracking on Europe and other emerging markets. It successfully established the Thailand factory in Chonburi, Thailand in 2014, and continues to serve the European and American markets. One of the successful stories was that Jetion Solar had successfully provided 72 MW and 60 MW PV modules for Shotwick Solar Farm and Swindon Solar Farm respectively in 2016. These two projects are still currently the UK's first and second largest PV power plants.

In the past two years, with the continuous progress of photovoltaic technology and the rapid decline of system cost, the impact of European MIP policy on PV module market has been weakened a lot. Meanwhile, in 2014, Jetion Solar was restructured and joined the central enterprise - China National Building Materials Group, thus has achieved unprecedented resource integration capabilities. All these have brought strong confidence to Jetion Solar's return to European market. “In the past few years, thanks to the strong resource integration capabilities and financing services of CNBM, Jetion Solar has started to rebuild the European sales & marketing team, Jetion Solar is ready to back now.” Jane Dong, vice president of the oversea business sector, commented, “Just in 2018, Jetion Solar has shipped more than 300 MW solar modules to Europe, including the 46 MW Ourika project in Portugal, which has started operation in last year, and also the Europe’s largest subsidy-free 221 MW Solara4 project in Portugal, which is currently under construction."

At the same time, the termination of the EU MIP policy has restored the Sino-European PV trade back to a normal market, providing a more stable and predictable business environment for the cooperation between both sides. With the reduction of system costs and the clean energy target for EU, solar energy will still take the majority portion of the new energy in Europe in the future, and it will not slow down the progress. “With Jetion Solar’s high-quality products, high-efficiency global EPC and stable financing services, Jetion Solar is confident that it will reach a higher level in 2019. Until now this year, Jetion Solar has shipped more than 200 MW PV modules to Europe, plus CNBM has a pipeline of more than 600 MW project this year, so we estimate Jetion Solar will achieve at least 800 MW shipment in Europe this year.” Jane Dong continue to comment, "At the same time, Jetion Solar will continue to focus on innovation and improve quality and enhance competitiveness in the global market, including technological innovation and business model innovation."

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