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Jetion Solar strengthening cooperation with European partner GPC Group

Recently, Sun Jie, Vice President of China Triumph International Engineering Co.,Ltd. and Chairman of Jetion Solar Co., Ltd. had a meeting with Mr. Daniel Tain, Chairman of GPC Group in Shanghai.

In the meeting, the two parties discussed the 300MW ground mounted photovoltaic power plant projects in Poland which are currently supplied by Jetion with bifacial modules and GPC’s future development plan.

Despite facing significant global headwinds with COVID-19 and other market-wide raw material shortages, Jetion Solar has already delivered 125MW of their recently signed 300MW order for Poland on time, with a further 175MW being delivered before the end of the year.

Sun Jie first welcomed Mr. Tain’s arrival, and commented: “Excellent products and services have enabled us to be active in the industry for 17 years and be recognized as a leading Tier 1 supplier. Coupled with the support of the parent company, CNBM, we are confident that Jetion Solar is able to leverage the procurement capabilities of the wider organisation as well as its preferential access to the CNBM Group products to secure supplies of critical raw materials such as ultra-thin glass as well as shipping capacity when the market is constricted. We will provide maximum support to help help GPC’s further expansion in the clean energy sector.”

Mr. Tain expressed his gratitude towards CNBM Jetion solar for the warm reception and support. He commented: “Although affected by COVID-19 in the past two years, GPC is committed to the development of the solar industry and during this time has become the largest owner/operator of solar assets in Poland and Hungary. We understand the importance of strong relationships in challenging times, which is why this is the fourth time I have come to China during the epidemic. Given the economic backdrop and manufacturing issues that have been reported across the sector, it is remarkable that Jetion Solar have been able to deliver on time with no delays. ”

Later, Sun Jie invited Mr. Daniel to visit the Tongcheng factory of CNBM Jetion Solar. Accompanied by Guo Jiandong, vice President of Global sales of Jetion Solar, Mr. Tain visited Tongcheng PERC cell and module workshop, as well as a nearby glass factory owned by CNBM, which is also one of Jetion’s qualified suppliers. He had a detailed understanding of the production process of each part of the solar module and was impressed by Jetion Solar’s ability to control product quality.

He said: “Thanks for Mr. Sun Jie’s invitation. I regret that I did not visit the CNBM Jetion Tongcheng factory earlier. This is really the best factory I’ve ever seen! I have witnessed how the modules used in the Polish project are moving step by step to the final product. I was impressed by the high-efficiency modular automatic production line, advanced manufacturing execution system, and fully transparent manufacturing management, supply chain mapping and quality control. For a high-quality partner like CNBM Jetion Solar, I look forward to deepening cooperation in the future and work together to push forward Europe's renewable energy development process.”

It is reported that in addition to the ongoing 300MW Polish Phase II ground mounted photovoltaic power station, Jetion Solar expects to supply more than 500MW of modules for GPC’s European multi-projects starting in January 2022, which is an indispensable part of GPC's strategic clean energy portfolios.

About GoldenPeaks Capital

GoldenPeaks Capital (GPC) is a global investment group dedicated to creating value and delivering growth through international affiliates, primarily in the energy generation and activist investment sectors. Built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital, GPC has over 40 years of entrepreneurship at its core, with particular focus on real estate, company restructuring and activist investment in the capital markets. Over the last decade, GPC has brought this expertise to the fore of the clean energy sector. The well-established team thrive in an environment that rewards independent thinking and passionate commitment, and our approach ensures replicable successes.

About Jetion Solar

Jetion Solar (China) Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned solar PV manufacturer, which is affiliated to China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), one of the FORTUNE 500 companies. Jetion Solar provides solar products, solutions and global EPC services to utility, commercial and residential customers all around the world and was rated as “Tier 1” on BloombergNEF Module Maker Tiering System. Currently, Jetion Solar has an annual production capacity of 2 GW of cells, 2.5 GW of modules and has 1 GW PV project development and investment capability.


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