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Jetion Solar obtains KS certificate for Korean market

Recently, after months of rigorous testing and auditing, Jetion Solar (China) Co., Ltd. obtained the Korean Industrial Standards certificate (hereinafter referred to as "KS certificate") finally, which marks that the Jetion Solar products' quality has been affirmed in the Korean market. The KS certification is a national certification system that conducts a rigorous review of companies that can consistently and steadily produce products above the Korean Industrial Standards level to enable them to affix the KS mark. During the certification period, Jetion Soar has passed many tests including factory audits and product testing. The Jeniüs Ⅱ series dual-galss Mono module - -JT SSh(B) certified by KS is based on 166mm cells, combined with PERC, MBB, half-cell and other technologies, and adopts high-density packaging to effectively reduce optical and electrical losses.With the bifacial design, the power generation of backside can reach up to 25%, which greatly improves the overall power output. In addition, this product has a suitable size and weight, and is easy to install. Considering the power per unit area and the levelized cost of energy, it can be regarded as the most cost-effective mainstream product for all photovoltaic applications. Jetion Solar has been committed to the expansion and layout of the international market. The successful acquisition of KS certificate not only strongly confirms the excellent performance of Jetion Solar’s products, but also enhances the brand competitiveness in the Korean PV market.In the future, Jetion Solar will continue to expand the global marketing network and service system, provide customers all over the world with high-quality, reliable products and services, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the Korean photovoltaic market.

Market Overview: In 2021, South Korea deployed around 4.4 GW of new PV systems, the cumulative installed PV capacity hit 22 GW at the end of 2021, according to figures from the Korea Energy Agency. At the same time, South Korea set a goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Moreover, the South Korean government has announced that by 2030, South Korea's dust emissions will drop from 21000 tons to 9000 tons.

About Jetion Solar

Jetion Solar (China) Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned solar PV manufacturer, which is affiliated to China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), one of the FORTUNE 500 companies. Jetion Solar provides solar products, solutions and global EPC services to utility, commercial and residential customers all around the world and was rated as “Tier 1” on BloombergNEF Module Maker Tiering System. Currently, Jetion Solar has an annual production capacity of 2 GW of cells, 2.5 GW of modules and has 1 GW PV project development and investment capability.


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