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Jetion Solar has been investing continuously in PV technology innovations and one-stop solutions by upgrading our laboratory, employing promising R&D talents and building talent cultivate mechanism. We now have a senior R&D team consisting of doctoral graduates and high-level specialists. Meanwhile, by collaborating and building partnership with leading science research centers and universities, Jetion Solar keeps R&D team¬'s vitality in cutting-edge solar technologies and solutions.

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Cutting-edge Cell Technology Reserve

Jetion Solar R&D team has always been committed to the development and commercialization of new cell technologies. Meanwhile, we also pay close attention to the most advanced ultra-high efficiency PV cell technologies and have achieved some good results. Jetion Solar always adheres to the R & D philosophy of “Commercialize One Generation, Develop One Generation, and Reserve One Generation”. Jetion Solar continuously promote PV cell technology evolution and upgrade, and provide customers with higher efficiency and excellent quality PV products.


Industry Leading PERC+ Cell Technology
TOPCon (Tunneling Oxide Passivation Contact) Cell Technology
Leading R&D Center with Extensive Collaboration
Silicon-based Stacked Cell Technology
HJT Cell Technology
High Efficiency Innovative Products

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